Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future.

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Название :  Intel is in serious trouble. ARM is the Future.
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I feel like people are overlooking just how small the Mac market share in the desktop/laptop market is. Apple is rich because of iPhone, not Mac.

Unless more PC manufacturers start using ARM CPUs, and Microsoft pushes Windows 10 for ARM harder (including getting x86_64 translation support for that), and on top of that, developers start supporting ARM for things such as games, this isn't going to change much.

No, if anything, what will kill Intel is AMD, unless they get their shit in gear.

Комментарий от : MioForCinderellaGirl

William Weaver
If anyone knows an ip67 aluminium laptop with circular connectors that is AMD or ARM based comment below, cheers.

Something similar to gridcase or drs Leonardo.

N.b I’m not after plastic and magnesium crap I.e Getac or Panasonic.

Комментарий от : William Weaver

Aleksandr Vasilenko
“MacOS will be ARM based” A great prophet was born in your civilization.
Комментарий от : Aleksandr Vasilenko

Fujitsu's ARM-based CPU A64FX on new supercomputer Fugaku was really shocking.
Комментарий от : okinawapunter

Enzo Nightcore and stuff
-Arm use less power
-arm is cheaper to Make
-arm is as powerful as x86
(The Ipad pro 3 and 4 are as powerful as an Intel core i7 7700 x86 cpu)

Комментарий от : Enzo Nightcore and stuff

I am curious to see what an arm based enthusiast grade pc would look like. Though CISC thses days isn't necessarily true CISC like in the early 2000s and late 90s but isntead a RISC like MIPS core with a translator unit that converts instructions into other instructions. In a way ARM has already won even in the desktop just not ARM but RISC in general
Комментарий от : Dalton

Fortnite Gaming
Mac suck anyway
Комментарий от : Fortnite Gaming

Victor Henriquez
just Apple fans think like this
Комментарий от : Victor Henriquez

Ahsan Shah
This guys Patreon worthy
Комментарий от : Ahsan Shah

Intel decided they were god and now the world is full of non believers.
Комментарий от : nawab256

Mitternacht Angel
Holy crap, this guy really knew it!
Комментарий от : Mitternacht Angel

2020 and Microsoft does not have an ARM OS, and apple is only interested because of the iPhone. It is all fun and games, until you realize that you are asking people to wipe clean their gaming library and start from scratch. ARM is the Linux of silicon. Great for corporate use or even fun little projects, not really fitting the enthusiasts market.

and 2nd to call apple innovative is really pushing it. Apple is so far behind as features goes, that one may think they are running in the opposite direction. In fact apple is not even a tech brand anymore. Nobody gets an apple because he is a professional and gets shit done, people buys apple to make a statement.

Комментарий от : Cotoi

dapper dapper
I wonder when they're going to accidentally split an atom while trying to make a CPU
Комментарий от : dapper dapper

Fuck Google
Apple's just work? That's why there is an entire business market for repairing their terrible products, and even worse right to repair practices?
Комментарий от : Fuck Google

Nerotso Nero
any updates in 2020
Комментарий от : Nerotso Nero

Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire
Holy shit this guy really predicted the future. Sure, ARM will never replace enthusiasts or gamer PCs, but it will definitely dominate workstation PCs and mobile mainstream usage
Комментарий от : Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire

Windows cannot switch to arm , it's x64 baggage is too big to make the switch . It tried and fail big time
Комментарий от : TELEVISIBLE

Otto Dachat
good, don't buy Intel, sounds like a plan.
Комментарий от : Otto Dachat

19:35 lmao yup Office is already going to be running natively on Apple's ARM chipped computers coming out this year, as with certain Adobe products, although fuck Adobe.
Комментарий от : aychristianx

so this is defo 1yr and 1/2 later but, I have a hunch that the reason for Apple's "shitty thermal design" is probably because they designed these machines with Intel's promise of a 10nm process chip, that was supposed to run much cooler and more effiiciently, and that has taken them YEARS, and that to this day still don't have out on the market. I think the reason for Apple's shitty machines is because intel screwed them over.
Комментарий от : aychristianx

Keve Szatmari
OMG I thought this video was uploaded just recently, but when I finished and seen it is from 2 yrs ago Maaaan, you have powers
Комментарий от : Keve Szatmari

Vansh Kejriwal
NOPE. RISC-V is the future.
Комментарий от : Vansh Kejriwal

Andy Chau
Finally in 2020, this prediction become true, as Apple moving to ARM on their full production line!
Комментарий от : Andy Chau

Bob Sarmiento
ARM is still not as powerful as amd and intel yet 🙁
Комментарий от : Bob Sarmiento

linux has no problems with arm and it is free
Комментарий от : User

Assim Al Saqri
Video popped up on timeline after WWDC 😁
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Lorem Ipsum
If Microsoft is serious about ARM on Windows this time, the bare minimum they need to do is to give us the full Windows operating system, not a locked down version like they tried with WinRT. They also need to build their own version of Rosetta into Windows because of the massive amount of legacy software and games that people will still want to use. Those two things should make the move to ARM mostly seamless (unless you're a programmer I guess) and that's the only way it's going to work.

If they do it though, I'm absolutely looking forward to moving to ARMs. If it's about as fast and much cheaper and power efficient, why not?

Комментарий от : Lorem Ipsum

Not really... ARM is for low end cheap computers... Remember when AMD was used a lot on the end of 90s and everyone eventually hatted it, then switched to Intel? This will be no different... The herds will always be following marketing and not common sense..
ARM is for low end cheap computers. Bare with me and see the "experts" returning to Intel once they tested arm for a year... 2023 Intel will have a surprise to you all...

Комментарий от : NDRS G

I just wish that these YouTubers(who criticise whichever company) physically worked as a technician in the main semiconductors companies. Just to know how hard and complex it is to make them chips...lol.. it's so easy to be there behind a microphone... lol
Комментарий от : NDRS G

Achilleas Labrou
I remember well that one of the main reasons that Apple moved to Intel was not only the performance per watt ratio but the convenience of developers to produce software for Intel processors both on windows and mac computers. Something similar was said, when Sony PlayStation moved from power hungry Cell processors with PowePC core to AMD processors.
At the end of the day it's all about software. This what users see and want.
What undoubtedly ARM CPUs will offer is fanless very slim laptops with great battery life.
Microsoft long ago introduced versions of Windows RT for arm CPUs in 2012 without success and support from developers. Microsoft was producing operating systems for smartphones with the windows mobile 2003 in 2003 long before the original iPhone in 2007.
Also I remember than the the first generation of iPhone in 2007 didn't have App Store and that Steve Jobs initially didn't want it. The App Store came with the introduction of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone OS 2.
The iPhone OS 2 wasn't a free upgrade for the owners of the original iPhone.
Steve Jobs had another very serious hidden reason in 2005 for moving to Intel. The PowerPC CPU wasn't his own decision and Steve Jobs hated what Apple had done without him.
One way or another Apple nowadays in the global market is strong and profitable with smartphones, iPad and smart watches, not with computers share. The Apple market share in profits and number of computers is very small globally. So Apple wants to extends its success of iOS devices and apps to its computers.

Комментарий от : Achilleas Labrou

4,1k intel fanboy disliked this video
Комментарий от : Rukia

Nigger Luck
All of those who dissed this video, where are you now?
Комментарий от : Nigger Luck

So Apple is basically going to sell iPads with attached keyboards. Great...
Комментарий от : coolbuddydude1

Manuel Reyes
This audio sucks. I can barely get what he's saying. And, yes, I'm here because of WWDC 2020.
Комментарий от : Manuel Reyes

Aee Bee Cee
I’m here after WWDC 2020
Комментарий от : Aee Bee Cee

memo ism
holy shit, you're a psychic
Комментарий от : memo ism

Federico Endres
Best explanation of what is happening today in 2020... uploaded almost two years ago. Great video.
Комментарий от : Federico Endres

sparcx86 Channel
2020 they are no better.
Комментарий от : sparcx86 Channel

Game Dad
This was a nostrdamus level insight. Good job 👍👏👏
Комментарий от : Game Dad

Terry Breedlove
I was shocked at how fast my 12.9 “ iPad Pro is at everything. Processing 4K video large Raw image editing in Lightroom. Playing games all of it crazy fast and smooth. Arm is the future
Комментарий от : Terry Breedlove

D_r__n Y
aged better than wine
Комментарий от : D_r__n Y

Muzaqqirali Baig
Greatly explained... Now I know quite a lot about what ARM is & what the future holds.
Комментарий от : Muzaqqirali Baig

Josua D
Oh look, Intel shot themselves in the foot yet again. How surprising indeed
Комментарий от : Josua D

Stevphie Ricardo
This dude is a time traveler...
Комментарий от : Stevphie Ricardo

Pragnesh Barik
This guy is fucking prophet.
Комментарий от : Pragnesh Barik

John Pitts
Damn this guy called it, called everything. I'ma subscribe so I can see two years in the future.
Комментарий от : John Pitts

Eko Prasetyo
And Apple is ditching x86 now
Комментарий от : Eko Prasetyo

Andres Velez
Комментарий от : Andres Velez

Yuan Francois
Комментарий от : Yuan Francois

rf guys
I subscribe simply because of this incredibly accurate analysis and prediction
Комментарий от : rf guys

But can ARM run BootCamp Windows 10 better than Intel? Why ruin something great you have a platform that can run OSX, Linux and Windows in one machine. Nobody on earth has that capability, I don’t support ARM because of it’s limitations. I choose to buy a Mac because it can run Windows and OSX I don’t need to buy a PC.
Комментарий от : Felrobert

Arturas Arm
RIP Intel
Комментарий от : Arturas Arm

As soon as Apple made the passively cooled 12” MacBook and exclaimed proudly that it had a logic board the same size as that of an iPad, I knew the future of the Mac was ARM. It just doesn’t make sense to continue to use Intel chips for the kinds of products Apple want to make, and when you consider the performance, battery life, and custom features that product could have had had it shipped with an Apple ARM SoC, it’s easy understand why the future of Apple isn’t Intel, and finally they’ve announced it so.
Комментарий от : Crispin

Olem Babia
I believe this man has a time machine.
Комментарий от : Olem Babia

Matt MMM
I'm long forward to 128 core plus arm chips for my 3d rendering...
Комментарий от : Matt MMM

Does this guy have a time machine??
Комментарий от : mrmatalino

Francesco Belletta
You are watching this only because Apple has announced that she is switching to ARM64 after WWDC 20. ARM sucks and it isn't capable of running normally and fast Windows 10.
Комментарий от : Francesco Belletta

Seems like someone copied your video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPX6q9CCAhw
Комментарий от : tom22

James Vasquez
Well done, you nail it!
Комментарий от : James Vasquez

Ushindi Shindano Romain
🤯🤯🤯 you predicted the future
Комментарий от : Ushindi Shindano Romain

Jason Burt
X86 is a security hazard. The architecture is a hackers dream for trojan horses and hijacking. Hackers have no joy with Apple designed ARM chips. People compare Iphones to whatever but fail to see the security of the device. It's like a bank safe. Windows is a nightmare with saftey leaks thruout. Password to important data online require email confirmation. All this because of X86 and hackers. On an Iphone you put your thumb on the fingerprint reader and your in because it's coded to the actual processor.
Комментарий от : Jason Burt

Anthony Cotter
overpowered CPUs always overheat too much in laptops, using ARM chips makes perfect sense on a laptop
Комментарий от : Anthony Cotter

Noble Price
WATCH-Apple BAD MOUTH intel once arm gets its foot hold in this game...after intel helped establish Apple-Apple WILL TRASH INTEL...remember that!
Комментарий от : Noble Price

Wow. Just Wow.
Your yesterday predictions are today news.

Комментарий от : Ady73

Intel.... the next Nokia?
Комментарий от : JAFO-PTY

If you wonder why people rag on WIndows so much - try setting up a home network on it. Good luck with that.
Комментарий от : James

But will it blend?
Комментарий от : MiNombreEsElCamaron

Ravi M
Amazingly accurate prediction. He said 24 months and we started saw the preview in 12 months by the end of the yr we will have ARM MacBooks. What a video, just what a time to be alive.
Комментарий от : Ravi M

You got wrong! Windows has a better user experience than mac os with all its compatibility issues.
Комментарий от : UMI NAO

Dirk Bastardrelief
Hey cortex. You left your underwear at my house.
Комментарий от : Dirk Bastardrelief

HE predicted Apple dropping INTEL
Комментарий от : TehObLiVioUs

Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar
who's here after WWDC 2020?
Комментарий от : Jaqen Sexy Jesus H'ghar

ARM is bullshit.. If it was the future then mine Galaxy s8+ would be faster then my custom build pc.. Stop supporting this idiotism.
Комментарий от : Sidik

This was super prescient. Within a year of issue, Apple announces the phase-out of Intel plus the transition of all IOS apps to OS X.

Intel remained behind with 10nm on its 10th gen chips with little to no innovation. It’s disappointing that the once-dominant leader became so enamored with its own product that it failed to innovate, but I guess that’s why it’s heading the way of Kodak.

Комментарий от : reubs80

I have a hunch, Intel has a few surprises in store. They don't hit often, but when they do, they hit hard. Think of Pentium-M or Sandy Bridge.
Комментарий от : Phunker1

Комментарий от : thegrandfinale2

معتز حليم حنون
You were right dude
Комментарий от : معتز حليم حنون

Abdulmohsin Alrajhi
How the hell did you predict this?
Комментарий от : Abdulmohsin Alrajhi

T Solomon
Considering Macs have such a small market share and Intel outperforms ARM I don't see this is even the slightest problem.
Комментарий от : T Solomon

Bram vandenbroeck
Apple whas preparing this transition WAY longer than expected, take the T2 chip for example, who's job is to handle security and storage manage controller, they took more and more workload of the main intel cpu inside their computers, making it more and more platform independant, so they could change out the cpu with something else, like ARM, they where planning this for years and it finally happened!
Комментарий от : Bram vandenbroeck

Ladies and gentlemen bear witness to a Sage.
Комментарий от : Jinzo

Yeqian Shi
Well Apple just ditched intel. Correctly predicted.
Комментарий от : Yeqian Shi

Lui Gomez
Who's here after the apple announcement?
Комментарий от : Lui Gomez

chvnnr c0ff3x
The way that the information and the quality of it are given in this video are awesome.
Комментарий от : chvnnr c0ff3x

Eeeeyeah... If only your viewers were old enough to remember the dozens and dozens of times this click-bait title graced the covers of all the popular PC magazines through the years. So, now it's "ARMs" turn, eh? Ho-hum... (yawn)... OK ARM, you're up! Aaaaand we'll still be seeing Intel long after you've fallen off the face of the Earth, like all the others. But wait! "This time it's 'different'", you say? "This time, it's for realz" As you point at Apple... Uh huh...
Комментарий от : NorthernChev

Toast Bread
I wonder what the 4.1 dislikes thinking right now, apple is ditching intel CPUs
Комментарий от : Toast Bread

Prabhu Sankar
Now to be fair intel/AMD is very powerful compared to ARM instructions set, basically ARM's core is "RISC" apple moving to ARM is just to make the stuff tailor made for apple products building CPU from scratch! These CPU works beautifully on specific simply uncomplicated instructions practically less heat & low on power. As we all now apple software & hardware are tight inside their ecosystem is good for them to move to ARM. I believe ARM is beautiful on phones & tablets but absolutely not for powerful machines. Power CPU margins will always be ruled by Intel or AMD.
Комментарий от : Prabhu Sankar

Kind of a shame. Wish there was some universal way for applications be interpreted no matter which silicon architecture they were running on without a massive performance hit. I guess anything running at a kernel level would need full rewrites.
Комментарий от : agodelianshock

Ícaro Abreu
You are a wizard!
Комментарий от : Ícaro Abreu

Who’s here after Rysen 4000 mobile series
Комментарий от : EPIC12EPIC

Jevgenij Vinokurov
Nice set of predictions as it became obvious now :)
Комментарий от : Jevgenij Vinokurov

2 years later to the day we will probably have an arm mac! any thoughts
Комментарий от : samiebuka

Oh, those RISCy ARMs...
Комментарий от : camelCased

Scott Dinh
Old news.. now AMD is the leader in Laptop CPU performance
Комментарий от : Scott Dinh

Storm Breaker
No offense but you sound sad .
Комментарий от : Storm Breaker

Jonas Termeau
What's the intro music ?
Комментарий от : Jonas Termeau

R Gb
Who watching this in quarantine after WWDC 2020 waiting for the new Apple Silicon ARM Macs? Coreteks pretty much batted 1000 on the Apple stuff
Комментарий от : R Gb

Benício Pereira
Watching just right after Apple annoucing it's own ARM SoCs for macOS. Such an incredible analysis!
Комментарий от : Benício Pereira

So happy to see arm rising again. Oh.... I just bought a 10600k.
Комментарий от : FatManDaily

Kisc? I thought it was pronounced "sisc".
Комментарий от : quartercast

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