The SQ1 is just the beginning. ARM is coming for the PC

Информация о видео The SQ1 is just the beginning. ARM is coming for the PC

Название :  The SQ1 is just the beginning. ARM is coming for the PC
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Описание к видео The SQ1 is just the beginning. ARM is coming for the PC

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There's more bass in his voice than...
Комментарий от : Will

Architecture is the one we need to change. Kill a modularity, you lost an arm (in Windows desktop Pc world at least.
Комментарий от : bakarock90

6:23 None of what’s shown in that video would need an emulator to function on x86, and mobile apps can’t just be moved to the desktop by making the architecture the same, the main incompatibility is android and windows, android apps are actually written in java a programming language specifically designed and marketed to run on any hardware without code modification.
This is why chromebooks (even x86 chromebooks) can run android apps but windows could realistically never do this without a full emulator.

The real reason that apple at least wants to do this is to make future cross platform development easier, Microsoft probably wants to use this as an opportunity to push windows phone. Another benefit is that arm is just plain a better architecture, because unlike x86 is doesn’t have tons of legacy to worry about, and the architecture is more power efficient because of its RISC design.

Комментарий от : BEN1JEN

C'est le NoidZ
And after that we'll go for RISC-V
Комментарий от : C'est le NoidZ

Stop being right about stuff, damnit.
Комментарий от : Kevin

Satmareanu Ioan
Комментарий от : Satmareanu Ioan

Kevi Kiru
You were so accurate! You even knew months that Apple would announce move to Arm designs and even that products based on this would be available in 2020!!!! You must have good informants
Комментарий от : Kevi Kiru

Faithin Verity
Your insight is refreshing. It lacks that 'marketing' aftertaste that others have. Nice work.
Комментарий от : Faithin Verity

13:34: Well, that prediction was dead-accurate. Your previous video on ARM was dead-accurate too. I guess you are pretty good at making predictions, which means that RISC-V actually has a really good chance! Hurray! You are the oracle!
I don't mind ARM coming to the PC as long as it's an open, upgradable platform, but I do hope RISC-V (or something else open) will eventually be the standard architecture, because freedom/open source helps us all.

Комментарий от : happysmash27

Any opinions now that the apple arm transition has been finally confirmed?
Комментарий от : impendio

Christopher Bloom
18:57 "SMT"?
Комментарий от : Christopher Bloom

James Cook
ARM architecture is a mishmash of stolen technologies. There is nothing about lower wattage, faster CPU's or any other user-favorable feature inherent in the design. It's all about more $$$ for the Queen!
Комментарий от : James Cook

Walther Penne
Wake me up when a single ARM-core can handle a cpu-traffic of ~20 Gbytes/Second...oh it cannot? Well, then it sucks because it can´t handle things from the past, only forcing you to buy a new device every 1-3 years. Simple as that.
Комментарий от : Walther Penne

Gerald Baria
You have got to be very proud of this rumor. Perfect!😂
Комментарий от : Gerald Baria

Antonio Pisano
Zzzz bed time....
Комментарий от : Antonio Pisano

Verne Arase
You seem to be under the impression that Apple uses stock ARM cores, and that ARM is doing the development for Apple's A series silicon.

Where did you get that idea?

Комментарий от : Verne Arase

Harun Suaidi
I'm still waiting for computer parts manufacturer with the name LEG to come, so I could say my computer costs an ARM and a LEG.
Комментарий от : Harun Suaidi

Harun Suaidi
I'm still waiting for computer parts manufacturer with the name LEG to come, so I could say my computer costs an ARM and a LEG.
Комментарий от : Harun Suaidi

Aditya Sharma
Samsung really is the revolutionary one here, this is why they were so against going off touchwizz and than later just renaming it to one ui but never going for android vanilla, I still love the features they provide and quality. That laptop and mobiles looked so seamless.
Комментарий от : Aditya Sharma

Lord GreeZ
Are you a god? How can you guess every piece of future tech so perfectly??!!
Комментарий от : Lord GreeZ

Roedy Green
How can RISC prevail when there is no fast chip. no phone chip.no phone os, no desktop os, let alone CPU buses?
Комментарий от : Roedy Green

Anthony Nelson
None of the new laptops today compare to the old one's. All the new mobile pcs and mobile devices have surveillance built into the hardware. These devices are also glued together. No upgrades, just buy another device.
Комментарий от : Anthony Nelson

Watching this today, I’d say you hit the nail right on the head. Apple is moving to ARM just as you predicted. I still think it’s going to be much harder for Microsoft though since their entire user base is x86. This isn’t Apples first rodeo with regard to switching hardware platforms but the last time Microsoft tried to move away from x86 it was a complete and utter disaster.
Комментарий от : MINDRIGHT

Mohamed Hussain
Came Back after seeing WWDC 2020 - Apple Silicon
Комментарий от : Mohamed Hussain

Attila SATAN
No! RISC V is coming for PC. Upvote this comment 5 years later today.
Комментарий от : Attila SATAN

Ali Tajbakhsh
Can ARM Chip work with nvidia and AMD graphics card?
Комментарий от : Ali Tajbakhsh

sparcx86 Channel
is that a digital voice? are you real narrator?
Комментарий от : sparcx86 Channel

rejo reji
You predicted the future bro I think building a PC will be impossible after the switch to arm it will be devastating to us
Комментарий от : rejo reji

Nikolay Andreev
A great find for those looking for Apply Silicon after WWDC 2020
Комментарий от : Nikolay Andreev

Tim Carpenter
Some very good calls
Комментарий от : Tim Carpenter

Jon Donnelly
I'd love one of them 48 core chips out of the Fukagu supercomputer. 10 times better power per watt over Intel Xeon. Imagine SQ1 with 24 cores, fuk yeah.
Комментарий от : Jon Donnelly

Unicorn Bank
@Coreteks You nailed It!

Комментарий от : Unicorn Bank

Ravi M
So A competitor to Nvidia is also coming.
Комментарий от : Ravi M

You nailed the Apple going to ARM prediction.

I think that Microsoft and Apple got tired of waiting for Intel and AMD to get their product lines sorted out. Too many years of marginal performance increases.

Комментарий от : TechGuy

You Idjit
Why the fuck do you talk like that. And what the fuck is that music.
Комментарий от : You Idjit

ARM or even more so RISC-V is coming for the PC enthusiasts as well. Don't fool yourself. It's going to happen.
Комментарий от : olternaut

Alex_ Mercer_1479
So i guess u were right
Комментарий от : Alex_ Mercer_1479

Apple just announced they are migrating to ARM for their Macs. You were right!!
Комментарий от : shlooky

Axel Hinn
This video aged well.
Комментарий от : Axel Hinn

Intel it’s doomed. Apple going for custom ARM , it’s Intel gravestone, cause all other pc manufacturers will have to switch to arm too in order to keep up with the performance and power efficency.
Комментарий от : dottorcarlone

Amateur Computing
Комментарий от : Amateur Computing

Mohamed Kadhem Mansour
he's wrong the first one to get arm with mac, mac book pro,
Комментарий от : Mohamed Kadhem Mansour

Jingwei Zhang
Just watched WWDC 2020 and here we are. lol
Комментарий от : Jingwei Zhang

Tom Meyers
No mention of advancements in Africa?..... I will alert Google..... they are not going to like it....
Комментарий от : Tom Meyers

bruce blosser
Oh great! So I can run my screwed up instagram gizmo on my laptop... big fucking deal! NOT!
Комментарий от : bruce blosser

Funny Berries
Cortez’s, people don’t just buy apple laptops because they have the apple logo on the back. A lot of people get them because they don’t have a Microsoft sticker on the front!
Комментарий от : Funny Berries

Youtube Kullanıcısı
Let's see if Coreteks got Apple's laptop ARM chip corect. The other rumors floating around say that they're working on a 12-core and 16-core laptop CPU...
Комментарий от : Youtube Kullanıcısı

I wouldn't count out X86 just yet, after all it has survived attempted termination by intel themselves.
Комментарий от : Thelango99

O_ Domo
Damn, the Apple leak was goddamn right
Комментарий от : O_ Domo

Mark Thompkins
I agree with everything you said except for your analysis about Surface Laptops. People don't purposefully overspend on devices because of the logo. It's all about quality. Microsoft definitely has the manufacturing expertise and brand recognition to charge a premium for their devices and their customers are happy to pay it. Surface products sell well. I just bought a Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Go. I won't ever buy another brand again. Every review I've seen has been very positive and everyone I know who has a Surface device loves it. It's not all about on-paper specs. Build quality is just as important and that's why people pay a premium.
Комментарий от : Mark Thompkins

Red Phoenix
@17:30 Did they ever played an important role in the world of normie computing. I don't think so. If the sales were declining, only prebuild PC gaming was declining. That says nothing about PCs build by gamers. :)
Комментарий от : Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix
@6:14 The future of mobile PCs maybe. In case of desktop gaming, efficiency is less important than computational power and even if cloud gaming took over you still need that power. :)
@16:47 Big enough to be catered to. :)
@17:00 Who cares? If there is a demand, there is a market and if Microsoft rear-ends gamers, Linux is going to take over. The foundation for that has already been layed out, with Steam and Proton.
@17:55 Normies never played a significant role in gaming and gaming hardware and the normie market wasn't dominated by desktop CPUs either. Let alone that PC gaming is neither stagnant nor in decline. Don't forget about workstation workloads which require beefier hardware. Your assumption is based on an overlap of normie market with gaming and professional market. It doesn't look like it.

Комментарий от : Red Phoenix

Abner Kaizer
Você já foi ou é radialista ? Sua voz é muito boa.
Комментарий от : Abner Kaizer

Javed Minhaz Sebastian
Is there a possibility for your audio output to change it's frequency towards the midrange. The super low end voice audio is somewhathat harsh and yet does not transmute enough power to be heard as well as other traditional audio frequencies!
Комментарий от : Javed Minhaz Sebastian

Okay ButWhyThough
7 months later, still little to no progress.
Комментарий от : Okay ButWhyThough

Lupércio sard
para que vou querer legenda em inglês quero em português ? tradução youtobe....
Комментарий от : Lupércio sard

Steve Michael
The issue as I see for Microsoft is that their entire library is built on X86 code. So going to ARM will mean that most people will hate the experience because it will be slow for all their legacy applications. Their best bet would be to release this as a very low end device, but unfortunately to compete with Apple they are somewhat boxed in. Now I could see Apple releasing a laptop on ARM but I would see it with a touch screen and the ability to run IOS applications, this would allow them to mitigate the emulation needed for X86. This laptop would be on the low end and would be a small step up from an iPad Pro. I could see these people somewhat happy with the issues of trying to run OSX X86 apps on OSX ARM machines. Apple has a HUGE library of iOS ARM applications that Microsoft just doesn't. Microsoft needs to just focus on Azure and making a great business platform as they are just locked in to Intel on the desktop.
Комментарий от : Steve Michael

Vinicius Campelo
so the limit of silicum is making us exchange archtectures to persue greater speed
Комментарий от : Vinicius Campelo

Wtf? The SQ1 is garbage. It's literally like a snapdragon 855 but slightly more powerful. That's the same chip you'd see in a galaxy s10. For a phone it's good, for a pc its trash. It's not powerful at all and it runs like shit on windows because it's a 32 bit processor meaning alot of apps don't even work at all. The only thing good about it is the battery life and other than that its total garbage.

Can you please do some more research on things like this before you make a video saying that arm is gonna beat intel and amd

Комментарий от : Эндрю

Fernando MR
Keep dreaming, just one thing. X86 legacy compatibility
Комментарий от : Fernando MR

Nick Gay
When you're in the lead, you usually lose the insight of what it takes remain at the top
Комментарий от : Nick Gay

Arm is for light tasks and not hard heavy tasks and it’s power efficienct , intel and amd are powerful and made for heavy tasks . There is laptops with arm already but it can’t run all apps and most apps are not compatible
Комментарий от : Muslahi_77

Heavenly Yaksha
3:28 😂😂😂
Комментарий от : Heavenly Yaksha

Apple doesn't license ARM's own cores, they are licensing ARM ISA then design their own ARM core from scratch. Apple's ARM cores are much bigger, much powerful and less efficient then ARM's own cores. Its physical size on the chip is comparable to Intel's desktop cores as well I remember and I believe with some tweaks it's performance can be rival to desktop class Intel and AMD's best.

30% performance gain over Cortex-A77 probably what next gen ARM core Cortex-A78 gonna bring to the table including 5nm gains not just IPC. Apple A13's Lightning cores already 50% more powerful than Cortex-A77 based semi custom Qualcomm Kryo 585.

Qualcomm 8cx uses Cortex-A76 based cores. So it's already way less powerful than Apple Lightning. And next September Apple will release next gen cores on 5nm.

Apple's switch over to ARM is long overdue and it's much more doable compare to what Microsoft trying with Qualcomm.

Also I don't think Apple will use ARM GPUs since it has a long established kinda partnership with Imagination. Imagination GPUs are much more capable than ARM Mali GPUs.

On the Microsoft side, thanks to developments of AMD I don't think ARM will succeed on the short and mid term for sure. Microsoft is working with Qualcomm, not ARM. To pull a similar trick Apple did, Qualcomm needs a much powerful core which is not possible with stock ARM cores since they are designed for efficiency and low cost. Qualcomm is not developing fully custom ARM cores anymore, since their design is not good as ARM's own. So ARM has to develop such a core for Qualcomm. At the same time Microsoft has to a massive push for native ARM apps/programs.

On the server side ARM probably take a large chunk of the marketshare eventually.

Комментарий от : Teshup1980

Peter Wan
Maybe the next generation of MacBook Air?
Комментарий от : Peter Wan

I dont care what brand is in my pc as long as it plays games and everything else i need. At a resonable price.
Комментарий от : lamar

REAL QUESTION: Who is going to port my whole Steam library to ARM??!
Комментарий от : JAnx01

finally windows on arm
Комментарий от : Chinh4thepro

jean carlos forero avila
that apple processor didn't come in the macbook air 2020 ¿right?
Комментарий от : jean carlos forero avila

You were wrong the macbook air 2020 does have an intel CPU.
Комментарий от : NO NAME

Saskia van Houtert
Hope that somehow every computertrademark will get progress somehow, thanks and kind regards.
Комментарий от : Saskia van Houtert

Apoorva Gupta
hey bro you have good videos.I was really interested in processors , coudnt find good videos , your videos are great.
Комментарий от : Apoorva Gupta

v f
Microsoft sucks. Overpriced and slow.
Комментарий от : v f

But I think Android apps and the Android platform is cancer this seems like the direction of blocking out the real internet and takes us to a world where we don't own anything that are data that are games pictures are information It's all under lock and key and we have no true ability to access it without first getting permission things like Kodi emulating old game systems those still stick around in this future I don't think so
Комментарий от : Spartacus547

The Gorn
This is a great ASMR channel
Комментарий от : The Gorn

this guys delusions are so entertaining
Комментарий от : jackbrabham

this guys delusions are so entertaining
Комментарий от : jackbrabham

Umar Latif
Forget it man, RISC V is coming for everyone, specially ARM...
Комментарий от : Umar Latif

the thing is unless microsoft creates some kind of perfect emulator for x86 apps, ARM and RISC V wont go anywhere.
Комментарий от : DisabledGamer

Chris Troke
The future is a phone powerful enough to dock as a full-fledged desktop as well.
Комментарий от : Chris Troke

Naum Rusomarov
Honesty, if it’s Qualcomm chips on the pc, then I’d rather not. Qualcomm is a terrible company.
Комментарий от : Naum Rusomarov

Dragon Steel
Meh, the Surface launched originally with an ARM processor and it was total incompatible crap.
Комментарий от : Dragon Steel

I really like your video's but your audio is horrible. It's not your voice it how much bass you have. It's bad enough to make me skip pass your video's. Please tone it down. Keep up with the great content.
Комментарий от : TruthseekerEXO

yeah ,, well ... shit ..
will be hard as hell to use x86 archives in the future .. so it be better buy the best pcs now to continuum use for decades until came some x86 emulator in the future.

Комментарий от : magodeluna

It seems like you're not quite aware that Apple designs their own CPU cores (not to mention GPU and AI accelerators). Apple only uses ARM's ISA, not the actual cores and therefore has very little baring on what ARM does since ARM knows Apple will not purchase their IP. I'd recommend taking a loot at AnandTech's iPhone reviews for a more thorough investigation of Apple's IP.
Комментарий от : ThatGuy

Комментарий от : Selken

Radu Nanescu
Do you know what comes into force like no other with either ARM or RISC-V?

Комментарий от : Radu Nanescu

Hobo Boxcarro
www.pine64.org › pinebook-pro
Powerful, Metal and Open Source ARM 64-Bit Laptop for Work, School or
Fun. The Pinebook Pro is meant to deliver solid day-to-day Linux or
*BSD ...‎July Update: All about the ... · ‎14″ PINEBOOK Pro LINUX ...

Комментарий от : Hobo Boxcarro

Doctor Bright
I'm hyped about the Fujitsu A63Fx Arm CPU. With a creazy 2,7 Terraflops! Wich will be realeased in 2021. 🤯
Комментарий от : Doctor Bright

Random Guy
Play at 1.25 speed.
Комментарий от : Random Guy

ever since win10, i no longer trust microsoft
Комментарий от : Larkinchance

X, John Langerijs
Hm, would it be that hard, to implement RISC into CISC CPU's? They should b able to even put few instructions in one CISC operation. Or being able to switch into RISC mode. How much would it take, to embed different instruction libraries into the CPU itself?
Комментарий от : X, John Langerijs

13:14 - faster based on what?
Комментарий от : sinephase

lol who the hell is dumb enough to sell ARM?
Комментарий от : sinephase

Do creators get more $$$ for longer playing videos? I feel i must speed this video up at least x 1.25, its so slow!
Комментарий от : Sparcen

I came here after watching a video about RISC-V taking over the entire scene. The incumbents (well, Apple and Qualcomm, perhaps Samsung as well) will continue their ARM game, but which architecture will prevail remains up in the air. With that said... RISC-V may turn into just another ARM with it being opensource (customization can be a harsh mistress).
Комментарий от : svily0YT

As a developer this is a no go.
Комментарий от : Keybraker

clown baby
Not just for funsies lol
Комментарий от : clown baby

Xavier Breath
Great content, but the voice is sooooooo slooooooow and suuuuuuuuuuch a moooooooooooonoooooooootooooooooone it becaaaaaaaaaaaaaame difficuuuuuuuuuuuult to listen toooooooooooo.
Комментарий от : Xavier Breath

Robbie Goldman
SQ1 = The Spyware Qualified one.
Комментарий от : Robbie Goldman

Похожие на The SQ1 is just the beginning. ARM is coming for the PC видео