Checking out the Gigabyte R281-T91 ARM Server

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Название :  Checking out the Gigabyte R281-T91 ARM Server
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an arm server how good is it for rendering with cycles in blender?
Комментарий от : Idcrafter

کسرا چراغی
I am working whith stratix 10 fpgas whith built in 4 core cortex a53
Комментарий от : کسرا چراغی

James M
Ya but why is ARM cheaper? When it surpasses x86-64 won't it cost just as much? Are we seeing artificially low pricing to get ARM in the door and get lock-in?
Комментарий от : James M

Aroop Roelofs
I love to see ARM servers are finally coming along but it's not ncie to play with considering their current price.
Комментарий от : Aroop Roelofs

Antti Kananen
Where is a benchmark comparison against the earlier Epyc Rome server that you were drooling on? Coming later?
Комментарий от : Antti Kananen

this is porn !
Комментарий от : accelerat0r

Bernd Eckenfels
What’s the aggregated bandwith to the 24 sas drives? Is it 3x12Gb/s?
Комментарий от : Bernd Eckenfels

megaport C
this looks like a copy of an hp dl g8 server. dell also copied from hp which refers to the pci slot extension and fan.
Комментарий от : megaport C

Larry Gall
God, I had no idea there was a level1 linux channel. Damn. I just subbed.
Комментарий от : Larry Gall

That is amazing. ARM is truly the future. Coreteks brought me here.
Комментарий от : SevenDeMagnus

Aarsh Parashar
ARM? 4 Way SMT?? Well that's surprising...
Комментарий от : Aarsh Parashar

Paul Wratt
Wendell any chance of a follow video for this unit, 6 months should have ironed quite a few things by now
Комментарий от : Paul Wratt

gerard praetz
I want one. How can I do that with Social Security Disability as my sole means of support?!
Комментарий от : gerard praetz

Andrew York
Intel GPU on arm CPU, that ironiy hurt me....
Комментарий от : Andrew York

I don't want a channel I'm just commenting
I'm waiting for linus to do a 56 gamers 1 server video.
Комментарий от : I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

Tech-Know Guru
You look like dr. banner . Yes HULK .
Комментарий от : Tech-Know Guru

Ano Nymous
arm is very promising platform of the future, it just need more support from developers👍
Комментарий от : Ano Nymous

Sad that the x264 performance is so low :-/ was hoping that this would be a nice competitor to Intel.
Комментарий от : Gigglelot

Linux plus ARM .. Bye bye Intel
Комментарий от : augm3nt

Mind Absorber
No RGB? How disappointing.
Комментарий от : Mind Absorber

Ken Shaw
Just heard the specs on this and I'm WTF? How come I never heard of this?
Комментарий от : Ken Shaw

so how much does it cost then...???
Комментарий от : Samir

Frank LoTurco
Orgasmic server
Комментарий от : Frank LoTurco

Fred Alcalan
Who makes the CPU's?? I've always been confused with ARM cores, apple, samsung, Qualcom, all make their own SOC's with ARM cores. Does that just mean they were ARM CPU's with custom graphics to complete the SOC? so are these ARM CPU's without the SOC??
Комментарий от : Fred Alcalan

hackers like it too?
Комментарий от : Jeremy

Andrew Grillet
If you got rid of the music, we could hear what you are saying!
Комментарий от : Andrew Grillet

Can you use NVidia cards with these to do machine learning?
Комментарий от : 4mb127

Will we see affordable ARM workstations any day?
Комментарий от : VideoCommenter

Derek White
The Gigabyte R281-T91 (ThunderX2) benchmark results are heavily affected by running default applications on RHEL 7.6 vs. Ubuntu 18.04 on the AWS systems. RHEL is designed to be stable, so the default application versions a quite different (e.g. older): gcc 4.8.5 vs. 7.3.0, Python 2.7.5 vs. 3.6.7?, PHP 5.4.16? vs 7.1. These do make a difference. On the tests I've run on Ubuntu 16.04.1 (PHP, Python, mp3), the Gigabyte R281-T91 results were between the posted AWS Graviton and Intel numbers (sometimes exactly between!).
Комментарий от : Derek White

Joseph Byrne
Looking at the benchmark results for the MT91, Graviton a1.large is much better on the PHP tests than the Gigabyte system. Normalizing for core count (not thread count), a1.large is also faster on Go, Rust, and Rodinia. Gigabyte does well on zstd, which I assume is hardware-accelerated, but about the same on 7zip as a1.large normalized for core count.
Комментарий от : Joseph Byrne

Shiny 345
Now I'm tempted by this ARM-based servers...
This device is gorgeous by design and performance.

Комментарий от : Shiny 345

People how think this is something new probobaly have to be 14 or something. Remember back in the day with the sparc, HP, Alfa servers?

What change was that x64 become a thing .. and overnight there was pretty much nothing but x64 servers

Комментарий от : matsv201

Blödsinn mit Lötzinn
so basically it's shit, but firmware updates will fix it?
Комментарий от : Blödsinn mit Lötzinn

Bob Newell
How much did this thing cost?
Комментарий от : Bob Newell

Cool stuff!

I am new to this but i know want to look in to the Server more. I hope i can take a look in to the Server on my Workplace : )

Комментарий от : samghost13

Matt Michael
the music was a little loud :)
Комментарий от : Matt Michael

Benito Llan Matos
4:31 for a second there I thought it had RGB, how disappointing...
Комментарий от : Benito Llan Matos

Oscar Castillo
20:20 Careful you don't squeeze too hard. Nice review.
Комментарий от : Oscar Castillo

i want a small home server in a little box like the size of a shoebox
Комментарий от : michaelbuddy

James Lewis
So AMD does 32 core/64 thread Threadripper CPU's which are a whole lot more powerful per core than on an ARM based CPU meaning that this servers strength is not in terms of straight line performance (I believe you can get motherboards to take 4 threadripper CPU's givin you 128 cores). The AMD CPU's also serve up an insane number of PCIE lanes which means that this is not where the strength of the ARM system lies. The only thing I can think of is in terms of performance per watt.

This is where ARM has been very good traditionally so I can see the sense in this chip for server farms where performance per watt is a huge thing, but for most things I think that the X86 chips continue to have the lead in performance.

Комментарий от : James Lewis

Love listening when professionals talk… It's is music to my ears. Thank you :) Great material.
Комментарий от : Staś

but can it play fortnite
Комментарий от : GodAtum

Jimmy L
What is the power demand for this?
Комментарий от : Jimmy L

Krystian Lewandowski
8:44 My God, it's full of threads!
Комментарий от : Krystian Lewandowski

Why on earth would anyone do 4-way SMT? If your pipeline is so bad that you actually get more performance from more than two threads, you should improve that pipeline, not duplicate registers several times over to fill the bubbles.
Комментарий от : Thanny

frill necked lizard
I think htop might need an update if a crap ton of cores become more common.
Комментарий от : frill necked lizard

Danny Hunn
I vote Posix Channel!!!
Комментарий от : Danny Hunn

Bullfrog's Workshop
If you're going to do FreeBSD, you may as well do OpenBSD. Nowadays, talking about Linux feels like talking about Windows 25 years ago.
Комментарий от : Bullfrog's Workshop

David Alsh
How'd you go with go?
Комментарий от : David Alsh

Luis Gonzalez
It’s so beautiful
Комментарий от : Luis Gonzalez

Roger Nevez
This ARM server is fanless ??????
Комментарий от : Roger Nevez

install android
Комментарий от : Binod

dennis seuferling
I have literally never had a server act "correctly" when you touch it's memory.
Комментарий от : dennis seuferling

"Second generation means they got all the bugs worked out" haha not exactly. This is the first ARM system with SMT and NUMA, so expect new bugs! :D

Would be nice to see a video on the Ampere eMAG, which is quite a bit cheaper.

Комментарий от : grg

Tim Carpenter
Almost hear the tears. So nice to see another really get off on what is a landmark piece of kit. I would, too.

I have said Apple will go to Epyc for their Pro in 2019, but it looks like they would have no problems in future 2020? if they go ARM for that unit, too.

Комментарий от : Tim Carpenter

fbifido fbifido
Can this run esxi, Hyper-V, xenServer, kvm ????
Комментарий от : fbifido fbifido

Dave Dörenberg-Veltman
Could you please make a video for budget servers with minimal mounting depth for home use? I want to setup a server @ home and I think lots of people are interested in this topic. Especially for 10" racks. These are impossible to find. Ideally I would like a server 10" wide 2u or 3u for my 10" 6u rack.
It just weird that I can mount switches 10" but no servers.

Комментарий от : Dave Dörenberg-Veltman

Please. Please. Boot it up with actual screen, and keyboard. Show they BIOS, and if you can install just vanilla Linux kernel (i.e. from Debian) using ISO on USB stick. I would love it.
Комментарий от : movax20h

ARM cpus can be the best thing to happen to computers in the last 20 years....... any true innovation and competition will move humanity forward instead of milking the market. 4 tr per core.......224 threads????
Комментарий от : thepro08

those air ducts for the CPU's look very flimsy, like.. something cut with a scissor and folded. Otherwise nice.
Комментарий от : MirkWoot

Комментарий от : Axiom

But can it run crysis?
Комментарий от : subestimado10

Dinushka M
this is why i like this channel
Комментарий от : Dinushka M

Alvin Chan
Such a masterpiece of ARM technology!
Комментарий от : Alvin Chan

Questionable Commands
Granted that I'm only superficially involved with my company's Oracle DB setup, so I'm saying this with known gaps in my knowledge: Considering they will charge you by the number of cores you use, having 56 x2 cores probably turns their eyes into dollar signs.

...and because I'm me, I can't mention Oracle without grumbling, SO: Grumble grumble ORACLE grumble grumble, bull$h!7 grumble grumble, TOOLING grumble grumble, grumble DBAs y u do dis grumble grumble?

Комментарий от : Questionable Commands

that Guy
Auto-detect is the devil! awesome.
Комментарий от : that Guy

Brandon Burton
Jesus. H. Christ

Комментарий от : Brandon Burton

It would be nice to see some games on this, maybe you can get some Unreal 4 Demos on it, I found some people claiming to be able to run them on Linux ARM.
Or maybe the Doom 3 port Dhewm3 , which can run on ARM,. other than that I don't know many interesting open-source games that can possibly run on it.

Комментарий от : Viniciustlc

Any chance you could try python application? like if you run this github.com/sclorg/django-ex with nginx in front of it. Im really interested in these arm cpu because sites that have a low traffic could run it very good on the cheap.
Комментарий от : djpain

Combatant Ezoteric
But...but does it run android 9.0?
Комментарий от : Combatant Ezoteric

What would the application for this be? Ubuntu server on arm?

You cant run esxi or HyperV on arm yet, so except for basic kvm virtualization is out the window.

All i can really see the application for this for is if you are very concerned about power draw.

Комментарий от : lakorai2

Shawon Ashraf
5 Intel employees disliked this video.
Комментарий от : Shawon Ashraf

I can see multiple applications for ARM platforms.
Комментарий от : Xyxox

I wonder what happened to AMD's K12 architecture. It was announced alongside Zen, but we haven't heard much of it since.
Комментарий от : CapnTates

Gianluca Tuscano
Perfect for a nextcloud installation
Комментарий от : Gianluca Tuscano

Tim Igoe
Just pick up one fo these for experimentation.. I'd love to have that sort of budget :D
Комментарий от : Tim Igoe

Richard Lloyd
Seems like an ideal machine to run a bunch of VMs on - though you'd want at least 2 of them to support live migration, plus probably a couple more to run a SAN cluster - that's $40,000 gone right there. Now if only Proxmox had an ARM version (they're working on it), then at least the software side wouldn't cost 5 digits....
Комментарий от : Richard Lloyd

fransiscus bimo
i need to set my monitor to portrait mode just for checkin htop.
Комментарий от : fransiscus bimo

Just shut up and take my money.
Комментарий от : kjakobsen

Tetra Sky
"its got built in VGA"
What is this, 1998?
I get that it's a server and is usually access remotely, but ffs, the least they could do is have DVI or HDMI.

Комментарий от : Tetra Sky

Martin Hoyer
ubuntu? :'(
Комментарий от : Martin Hoyer

Timothe Fillion Brunet
I liked before watching it
Комментарий от : Timothe Fillion Brunet

John J
I’m curious to see how windows runs on it now that it supports arm
Комментарий от : John J

This could be a media server... for a whole city block
Комментарий от : L L

Lee Pettigrew
How would these prrform with “larger” databases, say core os cluster 2-5tb databases?
Комментарий от : Lee Pettigrew

rebrand Level1Linux as Level1FOSS or similar maybe?
Комментарий от : Raletia

William Hart
Love to see a thunder x2 chip on a desktop setup it would be sweet but high budget .
Комментарий от : William Hart

Lawrence D’Oliveiro
20:23 s/database customers/dwindling database customers/
Комментарий от : Lawrence D’Oliveiro

Lawrence D’Oliveiro
19:20 Maybe stick with Linux software RAID? It’s much more reliable.
Комментарий от : Lawrence D’Oliveiro

Lawrence D’Oliveiro
ARM is now Strong, and you shall Kneel before it!

(Yes, I’m over the moon about it.)

Комментарий от : Lawrence D’Oliveiro

2.5 GHz nope
Комментарий от : omfgbunder2008

I'm curious how it performs in workloads that requires low latency, like an online game server, as well as video encoding. I'm guessing multi-threaded workloads are it's strength, so it'll be pretty good for video encoding, but not so much for game server. Well, probably good enough for casual game servers, but not ideal for highly competitive ones.
Комментарий от : ClazzyHonkey

Where exactly would you buy this without being a multinational company?
Комментарий от : Irongrip62

Josh Russell
Does Wendell have an Intel GPU?
Комментарий от : Josh Russell

I subscribed on my firetv account, but forgot to sub in my main YouTube account! I dont have any reason for hardware like this, but I am fascinated
Комментарий от : whiteburr

Mike Brown
Give arch a shot!
Комментарий от : Mike Brown

These could be good alternatives to x86 servers
Комментарий от : Mr_Beezlebub

Kor Taffel
How much is it and why should I buy this over an Epyc?
Комментарий от : Kor Taffel

Mar nig
Комментарий от : Mar nig

4 threads on one arm core. Throughput might be fine but what about latency?
Комментарий от : wwwelkam

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