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Название :  Deal Or No Deal - Troy Appleby
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Дата публикации :   20200925
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It turned out that going to Hayley earlier would have been a good move. I truly hope the £15,000 was the gateway to greater things, Troy. What are you doing now? ... Ken in the US
Комментарий от : wkyken

Комментарий от : Tammy Lee DIVINE.FEMININE SUPER!

Michael Healey
If I were The Banker, I'dve offered £35,000 & £55,000 as the last 2 offers ☺
Комментарий от : Michael Healey

notgrillo collector/ gamer
I really like dirty sexy money that was on ABC-TV a while back, in the US. The mother, Jill Clayburg, died.
Комментарий от : notgrillo collector/ gamer

Lynn Giesbrecht
I only clicked on this video cuz it was mentioned on another show and I wanted to see what it was and it was the first video that came up that wasn't just a few min clip cuz i wanted to see if it was different than the American one and WHY would u post it when the sound was all $&@#ed up?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Комментарий от : Lynn Giesbrecht

notgrillo collector/ gamer
Troy is cute, nice ass!!
Комментарий от : notgrillo collector/ gamer

The banker offered so much more back then
Комментарий от : --

Lynda Kevin Watton
hi Mr banker is. it OK to play if you where in coleraine place I love your show I have my family. thank u
Комментарий от : Lynda Kevin Watton

Anna Ryan
I can't be the only one who leaned to the left 😂
Комментарий от : Anna Ryan

Melancholy Hill
This is my favourite anime.
Комментарий от : Melancholy Hill

I really feel sorry for him and the first time I have shed a tear
Комментарий от : LewFewNew

youtube troll
im glad channel 4 has fucked it off/ bloody rubbish
Комментарий от : youtube troll

Clivil I كلفل
I hate when they say dun when they open the box it's scares me every time 😂
Комментарий от : Clivil I كلفل

Lynda Kevin Watton
when is you're show coming back I would to go on it place because I love it thank u noel Kevin watton
Комментарий от : Lynda Kevin Watton

Catherine Higham
Cath here from the Bowling green, hope you are well. xxxx
Комментарий от : Catherine Higham

Trevor Martin
This has always been the best version of the show.
Комментарий от : Trevor Martin

Robert Stewart
Noel shouted "Yes" before the lid went up on the first box.
Комментарий от : Robert Stewart

rivaldo consequentico
How camp is Edmonds - look at her, with her microphones dangling form her skinny jeans. Add moronic audience, moronic contestants who will applaud anything, and you have the recipe for a TV programme watched by complete idiots. This is Britain today - morons watching morons, and controlled by Queenie. Jeez how sick are you people ??

Комментарий от : rivaldo consequentico

rivaldo consequentico
Troy - as in Helen of ????
Комментарий от : rivaldo consequentico

40:14  - oh boo hoo hoo :P
Комментарий от : Usagi1992

Jack Barnett
I am just luving it
Комментарий от : Jack Barnett

John Andre Raymundo
Комментарий от : John Andre Raymundo

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