6 Scary National Forest Stories

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Название :  6 Scary National Forest Stories
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Tyler Mcflyer
Story 1 1:11
Story 2 6:09
Story 3 9:29
Story 4 15:57
Story 5 18:56
Story 6 25:23
Hey my fellow swamp brothers and sisters today was my birthday and I’m officially 14 and in a week going into my freshman year. Wish me luck. Oh btw swamp dweller for my birthday my uncle (he works at dicks sporting goods) got me a BB gun glock 19 and Remington 45. I took the rounds and modified them to have white ash and silver in them. Safe to say no skinwalker and or wendigo is messin with me. lol

Комментарий от : Tyler Mcflyer

William Ferrero
Комментарий от : William Ferrero

Chocolate Chip Dinosaur
Jumping Lima beans:) really liked this compilation
Комментарий от : Chocolate Chip Dinosaur

Beau LaLa
Комментарий от : Beau LaLa

Craig Davies
Swomp dweller for president 2020
Комментарий от : Craig Davies

glenda harris
I won't go in our cities river valley park after I came across some stories about people that have gone missing in the park under strange circumstances. This stuff is happening everywhere. Be safe people the world is a weird place.
Комментарий от : glenda harris

Danny Fleming
I'm not sure what he saw in story 4 but I lived in his area for 22 years
Комментарий от : Danny Fleming

Ashleigh Michelle
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : Ashleigh Michelle

Ava Roden
Jumping Lima Beans
Комментарий от : Ava Roden

Christopher Pineau
"Jumping lima beans, did you hear that?!" My wife's as country as it gets, so her backwoods saying were often amusing to me--but not this time.
Комментарий от : Christopher Pineau

Sunshine n ravens😊
Комментарий от : EPtunes

Klynn Nonya
Jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Klynn Nonya

jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Hayden

Nick Peter
So no one's talking about how the guy was able to just fall back asleep while the other guy stood there staring at him?!
Комментарий от : Nick Peter

tristen tyler
18:37 narrator: any idea on what this thing was? let me know.
Me: Six giant arms of, Oh hell NaaAAaAAaaAaAAaa!

Комментарий от : tristen tyler

neil Chapman
Story one I just went back and finished listening to story 1 I guess you don't have to distance yourself from this person anymore. I'm sorry for your loss
Комментарий от : neil Chapman

neil Chapman
Story one that guy is a coward Neverleave a friend behind.at times of stress people show their true colors. Please distance your self from this person.i
Комментарий от : neil Chapman

Maddy Petersen
The intro gave me mad respect for our dude swamp dweller. Bless
Комментарий от : Maddy Petersen

Okay but like,
I think dude in Kentucky ran into a wampus cat. They have six legs supposedly and can vary in appearance.
Комментарий от : Okay but like,

Great Jumping Lima beans man! Spooky fun as always :)
Комментарий от : thefairygothmom

JB Robertson
Good stories.the guy in the first one was a bit of a coward lol
Комментарий от : JB Robertson

Tommy Bowers
Good 1 swampy
Комментарий от : Tommy Bowers

Angela Fishburn
Jumping Lima beans!!
Комментарий от : Angela Fishburn

Ashley Caldwell
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : Ashley Caldwell

Duke D
18:40 it’s a bear
Комментарий от : Duke D

John Massa
Jumping lima beans, had me wanting to go camping...
Комментарий от : John Massa

Jumping lima beans, this makes me want to go camping!
Комментарий от : menelmacar3

Wanalee Romero
I’m freaked out.
Комментарий от : Wanalee Romero

Nightcrawler 2
18:41 you want a comment on what the 6 limbed thing was? Here's 1 DESCRIBE WHAT THE FUCKIN THING LOOKS LIKE. Don't just say it had 2 arms and for legs. Christ what stupid kinda shit is that?
Комментарий от : Nightcrawler 2

Robert Maynard
Jumping lima bean
Комментарий от : Robert Maynard

Had a dream about jumping lima beans it was terrifying
Комментарий от : Strider

Jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : L33T_H4XOR

Styles Ephrom
Jumping liamabeans however u spell it lol
Комментарий от : Styles Ephrom

Tiffany Kehrer
Lol can you tell I am binge watching your video's? Obessed ! 😊 those jumping Lima beans !
Комментарий от : Tiffany Kehrer

Hey Swamp Daddy, so where do I send the link to my beats mix? U said u would like to hear some. Betcha didn't think I'd really do it but guess what...?

Комментарий от : PeRFeCT IMPeRFeCTiON

NRG Ltwrkr
Jumping Lima Beans! Those were spooky stories! Thanks SD!
Комментарий от : NRG Ltwrkr

Jumping Lima Beans . . . .LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SWAMP DWELLER 💜❤💛💜❤💛💜❤💛💜❤💛💜❤💛💜❤💛💜❤💛
Комментарий от : Jo

Deadwolf 669
"You shouldn't cry." starts crying harder lol
Комментарий от : Deadwolf 669

random guy
Point of advice for anyone who's not spent much time in the woods, if theres no sound from the wildlife,be alert,theres something going on.And try not to run, only prey runs,
Комментарий от : random guy

ezequiel romero
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : ezequiel romero

Tylerthecree t.v ghost walks
The best kind of stories to fall asleep too 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼🧛‍♀️🐻
Комментарий от : Tylerthecree t.v ghost walks

Jumping Lima Beans!!!
Комментарий от : Michelle

Arden Carpenter
This shit is so fake and not even believable,I’m done listening to this garbage
Комментарий от : Arden Carpenter

Yeah that’s enough to think twice about going to Yellowstone,,, 👎 nope well for one I don’t want to disappear and the other I don’t want to be alibis of a sleeping volcano blow and take half of the mid west with it...
Комментарий от : BLACK DOG .

Ja Kim
Jumping lima beans?
Комментарий от : Ja Kim

Stressed Nugget
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : Stressed Nugget

Lori pyper
Geez these stories got me sitting on edge
Комментарий от : Lori pyper

shadowulf 99
Jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : shadowulf 99

Elizabeth Lascurain
Jumping lima beans? What’s that? I think they’re a species that only grows at certain swamps...
Great stories, Swampy!

Комментарий от : Elizabeth Lascurain

Bill Smith
jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Bill Smith

Edward Bautista
I would of punch him so hard in the face for trying to dip on me like that
Комментарий от : Edward Bautista

Lex Rose
Jumping Lima beans- obviously!!😂
Комментарий от : Lex Rose

Random Strangerz
Jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Random Strangerz

Valerie Bordas
Jumping Lima Beans. Still not scary!
Комментарий от : Valerie Bordas

Now I’ll just have jumping Lima beans on my mind... great video!
Комментарий от : Steph

fred freed
Is it just me or are about 90 percent of these stories, “ I did something stupid and I was freaked out!”.
Комментарий от : fred freed

Tracie Parsley
Jumpin lima beans...😋🙃
Комментарий от : Tracie Parsley

Connor Henrichson
Jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Connor Henrichson

Edward Brickman
Hell yes phone and I, are back online! Ive been rigging old gear from the 80's to get my narration FIX. I could listen but not "like" or comment.. So Swampy you and Darkness and Slumber are all Lovesd.
Комментарий от : Edward Brickman

Robert Skeen
Jumpin lima beans
Комментарий от : Robert Skeen

Madre Verbowski
Комментарий от : Madre Verbowski

JenJay 71
Great cause, donated a little! 👍🏻
Комментарий от : JenJay 71

Rose Headley
Jumping Lima beans should be illegal
Комментарий от : Rose Headley

Jumping Lima beans 👍🏻
Комментарий от : MMN

Krystal Manners
jumping lima beans
Комментарий от : Krystal Manners

Jonny Augustine Smail
Dude @SwampDweller how many years you been doing this & we are now just finding out about your trashbag / clean up selflessness?!? #respect
Комментарий от : Jonny Augustine Smail

Cindy Nielson
Jumping Lima Beans
Комментарий от : Cindy Nielson

Heather Jarvis
jumping lima beansss
Комментарий от : Heather Jarvis

Jumping Lima beans.
Комментарий от : TheMargie40

Jeanette Zoromski
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : Jeanette Zoromski

Nicole S
Beware of the HUNTERS. It’s the human monsters we should be worried not the animals. Hunters sucks. Why the hell fo you have to kill animals? You are a fucking bastards. You ruined the forest for all of us. When we go to the beautiful forests, it’s not so much that we have to worry about the animals. It’s the fucking bastard hunters and the sick dementia evil humans we gave to worry. May the fucking bears and big foot eat you tucking bastards .
Комментарий от : Nicole S

Jeremy Halstead
Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : Jeremy Halstead

Rusty Nail
Great video.
Комментарий от : Rusty Nail

Lisa Henkel
I want to go hiking, but I fear the Jumping Lima Beans on the trail.
Комментарий от : Lisa Henkel

Kelton Hubbard
Awesome work bud! i enjoyed listening to it when i got home from work.
Комментарий от : Kelton Hubbard

The 3rd and 6th stories had me geek too hard 😂😂😂. Also, jumping lima beans. Just because
Комментарий от : Declaration

Ari Frankenstein
He saw King Louis!
Комментарий от : Ari Frankenstein

Комментарий от : Adonia

William Haas
Jumping limabeans
Комментарий от : William Haas

John Surguy
Come walk with me.... Around The Lake Tonight.....By My Side
Комментарий от : John Surguy

Milky Baby
Aye them jumping lima beans are cookin!!!
Комментарий от : Milky Baby

H. Bolton
Jumping lima beans those were good stories!
Комментарий от : H. Bolton

John G.
Absolutely fantastic stuff, thanks for the great content.
Комментарий от : John G.

Andrea Elliot
Комментарий от : Andrea Elliot

O'Irish McMan
Congratulations on reaching the goal!!! Thanks SD!!! 👍 👍
Комментарий от : O'Irish McMan

Jumpin-Limabeans !!

Great stories!! Thanks. 😱🤗

Комментарий от : Poppy333

Stephanie Smith
I enjoy the forest, camping, middle of nowhere scary stories. I just wanted to mention in the short time I've been listening to you recently I've noticed you've become better with your narration. You've become more solid in your tone and I'm noticing a more professional sound and a little more polish to these stories over all. Thank you for striving to bring quality content to your channel. I noticed a job well done & I appreciate you taking time to make these videos. 👍🏻

Oh & good reminder at the start about trash in the wild. Nobody wants to see that when you're trying to escape.
Great tip.

Комментарий от : Stephanie Smith

Chuck Holland
Комментарий от : Chuck Holland

drake cook
With the bankhead forest story I went through it and felt eyes on me the whole way home
Комментарий от : drake cook

Milano Ridge
Jumping Lima beans: great collection.
Комментарий от : Milano Ridge

Gavin McCleskey
Great upload swamp!
Комментарий от : Gavin McCleskey

Sabrina Linton
Gee wilikers batman😄 nah jk.. Jumping Lima Beans though😉
Комментарий от : Sabrina Linton

Corinna Frye
Jumpin' Lymabeans, Swampy! That was spooky 😮
Комментарий от : Corinna Frye

Jumping Lima beans
Комментарий от : ldytubbs

Wendy Kaiser
Never eat any jumping lime beans you may find in the national parks. They probably contain something creepy that wants to take over your body
Комментарий от : Wendy Kaiser

Vicky Lynn
Jumping lima beans☆
Комментарий от : Vicky Lynn

francisco aldaco
jumpin Lima beans mathuzuckas
Комментарий от : francisco aldaco

Alexis Smith
That story with the jumping Lima beans was intense!
Комментарий от : Alexis Smith

Jumping lima beans attack me in the southern swamps. It may be swamp gas. Dunno, but never going in alone again.
Комментарий от : bern1228

As I am laying in my hammock in the woods.
Комментарий от : UP_Shivers

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